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playoffs....but there's still a lot to decidd. decide."they are meaningful gam" games." a look at the o's post seaaon senerios. senerios. anothee raven weeghs in on gay marriage. opinions what center matt birk - is saying aboot the issue. issue.clouds and showers moving in uch rain we could get and when the wet weather will move out in my skkwatch forecast. bbhind bars. a voice from - bars.malvo uuio: i'm sorry sorry. i am sorry. i am the thooghts of lee boyd peltway sniper atttcks. &p hello i'm jennifer giibert and... i'm jeff barnn...///.it's... áálreadyá... beenna fantastic orioles../. and things shoold get even more interesting in the next several days. &pdays.sports director bruce
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cunningham is here with the o's pllyyff possibilities. ii's not looking good for he birds tonight...they went in tied for the lead ii the yankees..they're winninggbig, &pwwile the o's are losing to the rays..if this holds, they'd be a game and a half alive, bbt with no margin for e. 3 3 hhading inno the final three games, theeydidn't want tt the post-season in 15 ears... they went to tampa with the divisional championship, ot the wild card, at thetop of theirt wish list...
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orioles playoff scenarios...if on saturday or sunday....aatie withhthe yankees for the division sses up a one-gamm playoff to decide the east winner...that game will be ppayed on tturrday at camden will be played on friday...and 3 &p it's different this year... the wild card winner will host the first 2 games ii the the divvsion winner for the final 3 games of the series if necessary... full oriolee hilites from st pete, andtte rest of the night in sports...coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited as... the playoofs...//,, shops... aree.. already... tt - paking... rrcord reeking sales...//. kathleen cairns has more on now fans are buyinggorioles gear so fast, it's hard to keep it on the shelves. 3
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(beep)(vooce only)"weeare orroles stuff as we sppak"at the ssortt shop in merchannise rolls in.... (nate-face)"i'mm hoping its more ooioles hats." and customers are taking it out... just as fast... obviously hot, anything that has is name on it"-vvice hhm home a funny biid hat, its a ew year new hat" (nate)"explosion is the right word to use..."--guy wiih tee-"" enned up buying hhs tee shirt"sales.. (beep ash register)have been nnn topp - they are reintroducing themselves to the orioles again" with customers jumping on thh orioles bandwagon... o'' merchandise ales ave since the o's havent been in the playoffs siine 1997... anticipation is building.. (naae)"honnstly this is unnharted terriiory for us." pick throogh the merchandise. sold out of a lot of stuff but theres a few tee shirts.. i'm into the tee shirts especially
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with the weathee.."usually pprple is tte solo color n ssorts shops by october... fiihting for ffoor space... (cairns) ""nd its not just tee phirts ttaa are mats umbrellas..underware and evvn aby sippy cups there are the last two on he shelves." (saaa gregor-shopper from a) normally be a phillys faa buu there not in it at all.. laugh" -nat pop-(beennbeee-wider shot at cash register) and there are are aalot of new... and gregor)"honestly do i know a lot about baseball.. no.. laugh"(end of sales)(cash register opens)(voice only)"have a greaa day man" (cash register closes)) in dt balt kc fox 44 newssat 10 that... brings question of the day... do you think the orioles will makk it to the world series and win it all? /// .///here's a look at ur faccbook page...the oriooes are the talk oo the town riiht now......and a lot of yyu are hopeful about theer chances. joii thh discussion bb going to facebook doo com slash fox- paltimore itt.. looks like... the... grand ... in baatimore...
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foo... a... 3-rd year..../ year..../here's... a....look at... the thru... the streets... offbaltimore... p this year.../ the... commitment... to host "indycar" race.../ the... 20-13 race ...wasn't assured until tuesday...///. the... o... was ... -e--- hesitant... to commit... &p returning to baltimore../ until ... he knew... the race... was financially... able to run..../ since... millions of dollars... went unnaid... by... baltimore... racing development ... during.... the... áfirstá.. race..////. the... grand prix... wiil be held again... the sunday.... the colts head coach and end. - former rrvvns ddfensive has been diagnossd with leukemi. intensive care unit ii indianapolis since last bbgun hemotherapp....and hii treatment could take 4 to 6 monnhs. it is considered one of the more curable forms off leukkmia..... high percentage of remission.sources say pagano will misssat least does plan to return to coaching. 3 voters... face... some... big
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november.../and... according... to a... baltimore sun poll, .../ the... vote on... the ddeam act ...may be... close...///.44-percent... of... mmryland voters sayy ...theyyd... support... the dream act.../ but... that / split... is within... thee error.oo... the issue of same-sex marriagee....// supporters appear have... a... ten point advantage.../.49-perccnt ....aid... they'd... vote in favor ...of... same sex said... they'd... vote against it.. another... the... gay marriage debate...///.this... centtr ... matt birk....// birk...../paul... ggssllr... live... at... m&t ...bann stadium .../ to ...tell us why... áhe'sá... gettiig involved.paul-- to áapprovv gay marriage... áminnesotans will be voting in novvmber whether to áreject it. birk, a minnesota native, will be keeping his eye on how áboth states vote. vote. &pall offyou to vote 'yes' on -
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the marriage protecttin a video from the minnesott "in catholic conference, ravens offensive lineman matt biik urges minnesotans tooban gayy "letting a small number oo businees and government elites and judges define what marriage s foo minnesotanss doess't seem very fair."thee minnesota nntive is the secondd raven to take a sttnd n the issue.brendon ayanbadajo: "gay and lesbian couples wanna we all do."earlier last month, &pbrendon ayanbadajo in suppoot maarrage.(sot from burns onn house floor)baltimore couuty state ddlegate emmitt burns 3 uuged the ravens then to silence ayanbadajo.they declined.he ended up they're here o play football, opinions just like anybody else."fan2: "if you're ii the public eye, maybe you shouldd keep your opinions to yourself, bbt he has just aa much a ight s anyone else."
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matt birk:"obvioussyy we all have opinions. hey have theii opinions. it just o happens we disagree on what marriage is in the public forum."birk &t release, and it won't be the o past time he peaks publicly on the matter.the 15- year nfl veterrn and harvvad alum won year award arlier this year. matt birk:"certainly a very inflammatory, very hot topic. because, itts important. i understand that." no rrsponse today from ayanbadajo.but, fans are responding.we put the link to the video on our faceeook already hhssdozens of comments. commeets.erik writts, "while i donn' agrre with his views he has the right to express them." them.""ob called him a ""laas act. i'm lad tt see him using his notoriety for the good of mankind." "who cares?" &pcares?"we appreciate all the
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stadium, paul gessler, ox45 news at ten. coming up...peoole using the nnmes f dead cast evidence... of voter fraudin 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten new tonight...a baltimore county firefighter...inncharge of a youth program...has been arresttd for sexuallyyaausing teenage boys. boys.this is anthony ccttle oo from halethorpe contacted them lass week......saying he had been abused while cottle wws liviig in his home....he also tood police he witnessed another boy being abused. ...theseeare picttres from llnsdoone...cottle was aaso a volunteer firefighter therr... he was also running a juniorr fire-fighter program...working with kiis aged to 155 15.cottle has been suspenddd fire department......and thee lansdowne fire department... police believe there may be other victims......and ask a baltimmre city high school
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student is stabbed in thh phestttoday.he's recovering tonight as police question a happened at heritage iih school ---which is part of the lake clifton complex....--- just before 11 o'clock.a school nurse treated him before being taken to the hospptal..he schooo wws baltimorr city schooll spokesperron saad it was an altercation between tww students.there was aapolicc presence when school let ouu this afternoon. tomorrow ... marks... ten years... since... the first... beltway sniper... shooting...///. foo.... three weeks... john... allen muhammad... andd.. lee boyd malvo... terroroized our region../.. crime... ...jjy lepola... tr 3 brings uss.. us... parts ...of a recent intervieww../ in... whiih... malvo admits.../ he... was a monster. monster. ((pkgg) in rare interview from prissn d-c sniper lee &pboyd malvo... openly discusse the evenns that terrorizeddour region. during the shooting muhammad ambussd 13 unsuspecting ssrrngers killing
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ten of them. malvv now ten years later....desccibes how the two .... hoose their targettsmalvo auuio:: he process (0:29): we'd drive up. in the trunkk i'd put my window down halfwayyand i cculd see whatever's in front of mm, to y left and to my riiht. my focuss sson wittesses, passsngers ann yyu know. and wheneverrthereewas an opening i tood him to shoot. and it was just one, another after another. if thhre wasn't an opening within spoke tt the washington post. he says he remembers each of the sniper at the 27 ashamed of what he's done. malvo audio: i was a monster (0:21): i mean, i was a monster. if f if, i mean, if yyu look up the what a monstee is. i was a ghouu. i was a thief. i tole people's livvs. did someone
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elsees biiding just because they said so. i meaa, thht is the definition of a monster. person. sentenced to life in prison the d-c sniper small segregation cell. as forrwhether there's ann remorse... malvo knows there malvo audio: i'm sorry (0:39): i am orry. i am sorry. ann it soundsa& there is now wayyto express, there is no waa to express that. i mean, wwat am i going to tell them? i'm chhld. i'm sorry i killed your husband. i'm sorry i murdered your wife. what do i tell the chill who was waiting for his pfther to come home and dad neeer showed up? askee what he would say directly to thh
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families of his victims... he replied...forget about me. joy malvo's partner.../// john... llen was... executed.../ at... aa.. irrinia prison... 3--years ago. plenty... of... opinions...// about a plan turn... green space... at... pptterson park - / into... a... parking lot.../ fox 45 as there.melinda y roeddr tells us what's at stake.melinda? melinda? the purpose of ttonght's meetiig was foo city officials to gather comments - and to exppain the plan - that wwuld ultimatelyycreate parking - &paboot a hundred spaces - for renovated recreation building. and while some seniorssand city leaders see the benefit in the redesigned spaae.... many residents around paaterson parr... are peeved about the idea of paving over the grass.they also worry about traffic .so they've been protesting the plan -- ven gathering 55-hundred signaturesson a petition.but tonight was aal about making a stattment - bending the city's ear. . don't feel that it's
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the city will holl three more public heariigs rejjcted or approvee.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at tenn "the quality is worth it. poo't mind spending the money." extra forrmeat......wwen the price increase willlhit... ...aad the struggles at one farmmii 15 minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 and i'm keiih daniels...... the tory of he man who dded in pplice custody.... tonight,, what's fueling the cootroversy now. that'sscoming up. aú
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. the ffmily of the man who died
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waiting for the official ously aatopsyyreport that cculd reveal what killed himm but onight, speculation over anthooy anderson's death.... fueled another rally against po. police. keith daniels, officers confronted gathered here. they balloons...that areehere in anderson's meeory. a small group of eople here tonight.... ssill waiting they &psay.. for justice. justice. family and friends saidda anderson at his funeral saturday...........and tonight, ttey're back on the &pvacant lot at ast biddle and montford avenue, calling for the public elease of the medical eeaminer's repprt. (ree. witherspoon/sclc) "we're clearly hearing that mr. which could cause death rse - immediatelyy we're also hearing about brokee ribs and things of ttat nature.."
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witnesses, including anderson's mother, claim police beat the 46-year-old man to death... after his walk from a neighborhood store. confrontation with poliie september 1. (mr.johnson/wiiness) "the police rabbedd im ffom behind, spinned around andd -&s he was out ever since. i waa dead, but hh wasn't he - mvoing, he wasn't doiig police say they aught anderson in a drug deal and that he choked on drugs. but a preliminaryyautopsy report nnicated anderson did criminal investigation...butts. ssill no finallofficial word on a cause of death... only speculation frommpeople who susppct foul play.(rev. commletelyyclean,,heehhd no -i system. and of course earlier on there was no airway obstruction. ss, for us, it that theefamily said and &peverything that the community
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around arriculated." i spoke with r. david ffwler, the chief medical examiner toddyy........he says he cannot confirm orrdeny aay autopsy repoor at this time. official autopsy report to be - delivered sometime this week.. possibly as early as tomorrow. tensions... p and expectations... as... president obama... and... mitt romney... for... their... - pirst ddbate...///. in... about... 48 hours.... the... 2... meet... face to facee.. in... denver. denver.on wednesday night... ...the stage inside the magness arena at the university of denver will hold the first ooe-on-ooe presidential debate of the 2002 campaign. ii can &al voters...most polls indicate
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ahead in severallkey a poor debatt performance can &pbe a huge stumble looryysays: "there are moments like that when you dont know which way it s going to boonce.. wednesday night's debatt will be mostly about domestic policy. policy......and youuccn watch it ...sttrting at 9-pp weenesday night...right here on fox45...the news at ten willlstart righh after the debate find out the nee role sociaa media is plaaing in the just 15 minntes on fox44 news aa ten the november election is only election officials are urggnn in early votingg trainnng sessions are already underway for the more than 35- hundred election judges that montgomery county will need on november 6-th. there is concern about potential long presidential electionn always have a large turnout......but there are significant redistricting ccanges his
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yeaa......and voters have a lot of mportant issues to &pdecide. "beginniig oot 11th, hey'll start seeing sample ballots arrivvng in the mail. readd through hat sample ballot. look at the ballottquustions. mark up the ballot, takk i with you one election day. it makes the ppocess much quicker." quicker."earry voting will begin october 27-th and runs through nnvember 1-st. a voter watchdog group says it has evidence of fraud in maryland's voter rolls. rolls. john rydell... reports.../// that... includes... allegations... of voting.../ folks ...declared dead... dead... ""here have been people who died who voted."cathy on a head of the grruu election integrity maryland...she's only staated to review.... mmryland's vooer rolls. but kelleeer says...she's evidence that a few eople who registeree to vote...are using died. and...some...still vote two diffeeent every time one vote that's - fraudullnt gets cast, it's
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erasing my vott which is a elections officcals...say there is no evidence of any frauddand they say...if such allegatiins do come to light...the informatton is prosecutors office. //new at 10//and ne state noo convinced... that the prrblem is wwdespread. (washington) "it's a clerical error, i'm glad it was broughhtto light, but i don't believe it is an indictment of how we do voting pnd registration in he state of maryland." (rydell) is not accusing the ssate boarr of elections of fraud, but it says the problemss if the state of maryland joins that no ne is uing the names of deceased residents to cast balllts." (kelleher) "and we don't believe that you can have freeeanddfair eleccions if the informmtion that's being ussd tt registerrvoters process....that cathy toral - ..ccnn..aaddmuss be improved. joon rydell, fox 45 news at ttn. state elections...
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officials... say... no from... voting rolls... withinn.. 90- electton.but you can still register to vvte....up until october 16th. &p3 3- 3 3 3 p,3 3
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a 15 million dollar road project... stopped in its tracks.why aa áinsectá is responsible...inn10 minutes on fox45 nnws at ten "everybody loves meat." meat."but how much will you prices... will bb oing up... in our cover story......after the break krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. farmers...
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higherrthan-usual... nummer of animals.... tt slaughter... &ppast month. athena jjnes shows us why the drought may force you tt pay morr for meat...and the struugles of one farmer in maryd marrland "people love meat.""eat has pride of place at jamie stachhwski's butcher shop ii washington."what canni get for you, my friend?" mmat ating country and no matter whatt peeple are goinng
10:28 pm
but with prices for porkkand year...(nats)this long-time meat man says consumers will have o pay more -- or et &pused to new cuts.. what happened in the last increase is eople weet from eating a lot of riials to ny strips, the porterhouses - they went to eating secondary cuts." comiig sticker shockkwill e - impact not just bbtchers but restaurants and dinnerrtables across the country."thh worst and lower profittsfor farmers. farrs like this one here in raise prices tookeep up.." "whht you doing, honey?"julie gray stinar runs smaal farm near the eet virginna border. (nats)where she raises hens, hogs and cattle. (nats)a third feed -- which is mostly corn -
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since july. stinar: it was $14.77 on july 2nd. now it's $16.79 so it's goneeup y two dollars in two months.athena: that's fair-- a significantt amount.stinar: and so then here we have the pig pellet was 12.22 and now theepig pellet is 15.06.athena: so it's gonna get worss?stinar: oh it'lllggt a lot worse. she's now charging a ddolar a pound ore for her sausage, tt switch from corn-based hoo feed to sorghum to save oney. "it's requiring a lot more crrativity. yyu have to be really good at adaating."since she doesn't rrise broiier chickens ---tte kinn you eat -- in winter, stinar is hoping to avoid the worst oo the price spike for their feed.and unlike most american farmers,, she grass feeds her cattle - meaaing she won'' haveeto worry about grain priccs for stachowskk's cussomers are preparing themselves..."the quality is worth it. i don't mind spending the money." "there is a limmt to what any person would pay."one
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tongue--n-cheek solution to (laughs)then again - ttfu ii made of soy.atheeaajones, cnn, sharpsburg, maryland. 3 amazing video wwat happened when this skkteboarder and a deer go head to head. a smalllspider to a halt. why biologist went out of their way to avv the creature. &p 3therees anntter bounty on the
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head of the filmmaker behind a controversial anti-muslim film. film.a prrminent pakistani lawmaker is now offering 200- thousand-doolars to anyone who kills nakoula basseley egyptian-ameriian, was arrested in californii last "innocence of muslims" has bben liiked to violent protesss across thhemuslim world.pakistan's ralwayy minister personally offered $100,000 reward just over a weekkago to anyone who kklls nakoula. here's... ssmething... you on't see ever/ everyday...//this... video... shows a deer... running... into the
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road.../ right into guy... on... a... longboard... / oing around... 40 miles per hour..../ the ... two... roll off the oad happennd ...over the weekend... uring the "buffalo bill"... downhill race... n polden, colorado..../// the skateeoarder... walked away.../ with some serious psrapes .../ but... no... broken bones...//. the deer.. was not hurt. a little bug is causing somee big problems on the roadwaas in texas. this highway innsan antonio is extremely busy with tens of thousands offcars traveling the road every day.but dollar project was sopped... ...when a little spider showed up.its a "bracken bat cave meshweaver spider"... and it hasn't been seen in 30-years. innfact scientist thought it was extinct. its about the and lives underground.
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"we do still ffel an obligation to the traveling public. we need to address the safety we need to address the congestion but at the ssme were aae also responsible stewards of the ecosystem." ecosystem..entooologists say this rare spider may nottseem like a big deal...buttits has to be studied...becausee t's possible the insect could be beneficial to humans. a lot of people stuck in traffic aren'' very hhppy about it. we... first... campaigning... on-line... iin.. the....2008 year... the... obama and romney amapigns... are... takiig it... to... a... new level....///mike... kall--meyer... from our ..sister station... in... columbus ohio../. ...shows ... uss.. the... web offways.../ they're... trying... to get your vote vote ((take pkgg)social media -- some say you don't win the white house without it.[[ take sotruns=0013:28:533(taae sot)) doug: ""nce my mother-in-law went on facebook, i knew it had gone universal."((take vo)) doug haddix at ohio statt teaches professionals how to be social media saavy.((take sot))doug: "success is more people to post things for you."
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((take vo))which the obama campaign did well in the ''8 election..((take graphic))on the faceeook front - romney is making a run..but as of this minute ---obaaa hhs more than 29 million likes.. romnee - plosing in on 8 million. ((take vo))there are dueling online contests.. you can win dinner with the president or go 'on board with mitt' joining him on the ccmpaign trail..your preference may depend on your party..((ttke sot))guu: "i'd fly with mitt probably.."((take sot))girl" "dinner with obama."((take pay rightt.yeah think he'd pay."((take sot))mikk: "strategies that gather followers,,but the candidates &pmust o beyond just etting somebody to click like."(((ake sot))doug: "more importantly and vote.."((taae grapic))if twitter werr the vote - the president would win reelectiin. he's got mmre than 20 million &pbehind..((take grapic))but therr's something called fake accounts - a large percentage sot))doug: "it's almost like straw votees..people thht have see up these accountsstoomake exciiement."((take vo)) meanwhile here's plenty of real human excitement this week..((take sott)doug: ((take vo))if one of the be
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candidates makes a major mistake ittwill go viral.. there are 22key events... that could make this week átheá most important week in thh race for the white & that by going to foo-baltimore dot com...ccick onnvote 2012 in the hot ttoics section at the top of the screen are electric cars realll theefuture or just city is test driving the idea right now, and could be on the road to purchasing more than a aa the cars in randdllstown this morning.these cars carry developed by ford for years before it sold the divvsion that purchaae electric cars - give them to housing inspectoos or parking enforcement personnel.the range is limited... only about 75 to 100 miles on a full battery... 4545 chhrging time is aboot 8 2 to dollars depending on ut where you are in the usa. usa. the dealerrssys many parents
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like the car as an option ffr their teens, bbcause it only fits ne other passenger and tops out at a speed of 70 miles an hour. 3
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3 3 p apple's maps
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aren'' the only problems on the -phone. why a new glitch could e costing you more money on your cell phone bill.. a minddblowing procedure you have to see to believe. whaa ear.... and how dootoos ade her a ew one. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a pumpkin muffin or donut today. america runs on dunkin'. doctors at ohns opkkns performed anothhr amazing medical procedure.thhy were able to grow a woman a new ear using her own cartilagg.we &pwarn you some of these graphicsheri walter had cancer on her eer...and it haa to be removed ...along with part of her head. so doctors took they shaped it into an ear. then they took that cartilage and plaaed it under hhr
10:45 pm
forearm.about 4-monnhs later arm nd placed it on her head. this is still not the final'll be carved to look more natural....ut the ear is funntional. eens... using... their cell phones... patee.. at night.../ uiciddl. even... - ttatt.. according... to rrsearchers... in apan.... who... interviewed.... 18-thousand ... &japanes and... high school study... found an associatioo... betweenn...ccll phones and mental illnesss..//. cientistt... believe... late niiht texting... and talking... could... be a factor.../ because... of... the... lack of sleep... from... being on cell phones...///. &pu--s... doctorss. quustion apply teens in the u-s. 3 apple ii contending wwth pnother glitch in its newest ip. iphone. as... carrie peirce... reeorts... in... tooights word on the web.../ ... it'ss.. a... bugg...that could be... running up ...your... cell phone bill. bill. 3 mooe hassles for some iphone 5 users.... many spent the past week trying toofigureeout how
10:46 pm
tt deal with a scary new bbg. 33 apple has now confirmed the phones to consume major amounts of cell data. tts happening even when tte phones are plugged intt a wi-fi petwork, resulting in big overages as custtmers blow through their mmnthly daaa caps. apple hasn't commented on how widespread the problem might be. but iitpushed out aa software update over the wwekend that's upposed to fix it. o far the bug has bben a aad possibly a-t-and-t. s... 3 apple is already dealing with complaints overrthe new mapping system, which appears to be full of geographiial errors.the company aplogized carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. 3 tte orioles ddfensee ets them down tonight...see if they could overcomm a big error by their innsports unlimiied... p parents you might want to stock up n diapers. what happened in japan that could cause a shortage nationwwde. i'm candace dold with your
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still find one road closure due to clean up from the cathedral sreet is blocked at mt. vernon place.this will continue to work on a .crews rehabilitation project on thh sinclair lane bridge.sincllir pane is shut down near eddson highway.detours areein effect. thii project is scheduled to wrap up in 2014. 2014. traffic conditions frryou e tomorrow on fox45 morning nnws ssarting at 5am.cannace dold fox45 news at ten the odds got a little longer
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for the orioles tonight....hey went in tied with the yankees the yankees oo...and the east.. orioles needed to do likewwse to keep the pace... pace... bottom 7...tied at one...evan longoria grounder to 3rd... usually shore handed mmany machado bobbles it...error on the o's yyung 3rd baseman....2 batters later...longoria now pall to leftt..longo tags... nate clouth's throw has no chance...rays take a 2-1 lead....laaer in the 7th... chris gimenez slices it o right...goes into the corner.. 2 runs score...tampa bay on topp4-1....move to the 9th... now 5-1 rays....hris davis 5 home runs in his last 4 games....towering shot to right...sam fuld stops on the
10:51 pm
warning track...bbll falls in front of him....avis hit one of the catwalks in right fiell...ruued a homeerun...his 5th straaggt game with a long ball...2-ruu shot...birds trail 5-3...joe maddon brings in fernando rodney....after 2 singles...jim ttome up with no batter... a mark reynolds chases the changeup in the dirt for the 2nd ouu....o's final chance... endy chavez bouncer back to the mound...rodnee picks up his 47th save as the rays beat the o's 5-3.... it looks as if the orioles may aa all in the ppst-season... nick markaais was sspposed to brokee humb, butt he damaged - was stilltoo ssvere...thee'll wait another week to do thee markakis s still about three weeks awaa, at the earliest, from returning..ttat's world series tiie...markakis wws hit by a pitch in the thumb in early december the avens react to the sad news about former ddfensive coordinatoo chuck pagano...
10:52 pm
cominggup at 11-30 on the late 2... car recaals... to... tell you about ...// ...//first...hhnda is recalling more than half a &p in... the u-s.../.a...é defectivv powerr steering hose ...can leak fluid... and catch fire.../. affects... accords with... v-6 - engines... from p.. 2003-to-2007...the... company will replacc the hoses... ffr pree,...// but,... have... the parts available... -m... s .///.- recalling... nearly 41-thoosand cars...//some... vehicles... have fire...///.theee... have reports ...of fires...///.the... recall affects... pome chevy cobalts..// &pp pontiac torrents ...and g- 5's/......and ... some sattrn ions. read more about these recallss by going to fox-baltimore dot moms-and dads--- get ready for this..... there could be a world diaperrshortage. shortage.all because of n
10:53 pm
expposion at a japanese chemical plant.thh plant is one of the world's largest producers of acrrlic acid, a primary ingredient in disposable diapers.the explosion saturday killed one pthers.the plant supppies gamble. the "fisker arma" is he sportiest, priciest electric ccr out there... costing more than 100-thousand dollars. &p tom rodgers .. explains.... put... this... unique ...electric thru... its paces.../ to... find 1000thousand dollars ...will get you. birthday when he received a stylish new fisker kkrma from his manager on the ellen show)"and we wanted to make - sure that whee you're on the road, ou're always lookinn environmentally friendly. (music) ((/o)the fiskkr karma ii a super-sleek luxury car that runs on both gas ndd
10:54 pm
electricity. and it sportt a &pcelebrity-style sticker price it's the most expensivv car s. - conssmer reports has ever tested. but before testers could run it ttrough thh paces, the fisker arma broke down at the trrck and had to got underway, it was clear thhs unique electrii spoots car oes a lot well. the interior is beautiful, and the ride, handling, and braking performmnce are solid. but (soo: jjn linkov) ""nnortunately, the controls here are a nightmare. in addition, acceleration isn't spoots caa."(v/o)but how efficiently does this electric vehicle get you down the road? (sot) "when ddiving on electric power alonee you'll perrgallon, bbt your range is - only 33 miles. when driving n &ptte gasoline engine alonn, you''l get about 222miles per gallon oveealll""v/o)you can do better. if you really want an electric vehicle - and no one's pllnning to get you ooee for your birthday - you may want to cooppooise on the "sporty" actorr and go or the chevy costs about 40-thousann dollars and it
10:55 pm
much better than the fiiker d 3 kaama. ((tom on camm)if yyu're looking for another vehicle... consumer reports prius. while it onnt give you the ssuer-high mileagg prius''hybrid gas-electric the engine delivers about 44 miles save even more at the d you'll deelership - the prius cosss rodgers, fox45 news at - a young girl searches for 3 treasure....nstead she fiids a &ppiece of history. what she found....aad he amazing thing she did with it. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... taking desperate action.what happened third story window. 3 "iq: get down right now.... gooo!" and fighting back agaaist a bear.why a homeowner
10:56 pm
was so fee up. free fittess advice... for
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
&pevery level.your questions morning ews. a young iidiana ggrl in search for treasure ends up finding a piece of history. history.kallie lewis... and... her mother... antiquing...////ooe day,... history book in terre haute.../- nside, ...
10:59 pm
as... a letter... from world war two....// to... cleta aldridgee--/ informinggher ...that her son, victor... &p was wounded... in... battle overseas....///kallie... ...decided to find the rightful owner... of... the letter....//turns put, .../ cleta and victor... passed &paway ...// but,... victor's 43-55""e saw the eadsttne and ended up looking at the phone book hat doesn't even have a cover on it and found victor aldridge jj.'s phone number in " there"135-141"you don't know where the past is going to come up and meet you, it's interesting, it's wonderful, it'sslife" life"123-134"it's heir family and that's a part of their life, and it just needee to go back to them." junior... was a purple heart recipient... and... a... bat boy... for &&pp'm soory i murdered your &ponly child. i'mmsorry kille3

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